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Features Include

  • All Javascript is wrapped in an Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE) for you
  • Javascript linting
  • Multiline cursor
  • Javascript intellisense
  • Code is automatically minified and uglified
  • Works great on mobile devices

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Mind Expanded Illustration created by Thierry Fousse

Would you like to see some example bookmarklets to get the juices flowing?

Check out a few example bookmarklets to start from, or use them as a reference. The bookmarklets on this site are quick and simple to build. Small snippets are great for micro automatons but you can go to the moon as far as size and complexity.

Sparkle Triangle Illustration created by Thierry Fousse

Want to create some UI? Sometimes you need a command center of buttons

Making dashboards in javascript is pretty straight forward. Yes, I know the code can be incredibly redundant. Having a display for data or buttons, which can interact with a webpage is pretty handy though.

Plans and Designs Illustration created by Thierry Fousse

Create a bookmarklet from a github gist. Keep your bookmarklets under control

Are you asking yourself why would I do this? No worries, I asked myself the same question when I first stumbled upon this feature. A common use case is keeping your bookmarklets version controlled. Another reason may be to keep url character count low. This allows you to create a static bookmarklet and the code it points to can update independently inside your gist.

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